Power Assist

Elevate Digital is pleased to provide Power Assist to the Microsoft Community! No more long, complex expressions, convoluted conditionals, and inefficient looping. Power Assist is a curated collection of APIs that can be invoked through Power Automate or Power Apps to help all types of developers streamline specific technical needs.

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Power Assist

Make your Power Platform solutions fast and easy to build!

Elevate Digital’s Power Assist connector empowers you and your organization’s citizen developers to solve business problems faster than ever with the Power Platform, offering actions to manipulate data in familiar ways that are currently difficult or unsupported within Power Automate and Power Apps.

Whether you need to quickly sort an array, perform advanced filtering, make a mathematical calculation, execute a Regular Expression on a string, clean a string for use in a URL, check the type of a value, or do one of many more common tasks, Power Assist makes it simple.  With currently over 39 specific actions across six categories (Strings, Type Checks, Arrays, Math, Validation, and HTML), Power Assist helps accelerate the development of your solutions.

Power Assist Prerequisites

Go to the Power Assist API page. If you are signing up on behalf of your organization, make sure your organization is selected in the dropdown above the pricing options. (If you are signing up on behalf of your organization, consider creating an Organization in RapidAPI so that other users at your organization can share access to the API without sharing RapidAPI credentials. See how.)

Select your desired plan. The Basic plan is FREE and offers access to all endpoints, but has a hard limit of 50 requests per month. The Pro plan is a paid subscription offering access to all endpoints, with a soft limit of 3,000 requests per month.

Enter your card information, if applicable.

Once you are subscribed, go to the Endpoints tab and locate the X-RapidAPI-Key in the center column. Copy this value, as you will need it to authenticate in Power Automate or Power Apps.