A comprehensive range of skills and services.

Customer Experience
  • Digital Commerce Solutions: Implementation and integration of Adobe Commerce, Magento, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Sitecore Commerce and custom/headless enterprise solutions.

  • Content and Personalization: Solutions with Adobe, WordPress, Sitecore, and other Customer Data Platforms (CDP) for dynamic content delivery and personalized experiences. UI/UX Department.

  • Marketing Automation and Engagement: Utilizing Adobe Target, Campaign, & Analytics; Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sitecore Engagement Cloud, etc to automate and personalize marketing strategies across digital channels, enhance customer interactions, improve business relationships, and drive sales.

Workplace Experience
  • Collaboration and Productivity: Microsoft 365, Dynamics, Teams, Adobe Workfront, and Salesforce for improved communication and project management.

  • Modern Workplace Solutions: Dynamics 365 integrations for productivity and workflow enhancements. Implementations of digital tools for fostering positive workplace culture and continuous learning.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning: Implementing Dynamics 365 ERP solutions for efficient business operations management.

Product Development
  • Custom Software Development: Crafting tailored software solutions that address unique business challenges, focusing on scalability, security, and performance to meet enterprise needs.

  • Mobile App Development: Designing and developing intuitive, high-performance mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms that enhance customer engagement and support business mobility strategies.

  • Loyalty Platform Development: Creating custom loyalty and rewards platforms that help businesses retain customers and increase engagement through personalized experiences and rewards.

Digital Foundation & Innovation
  • Digital Transformation Strategy: Strategic consulting on digital strategy, including platform selection and technology integration, with a focus on achieving technological cohesion and operational efficiency. Solution design for integrating custom-developed products with existing enterprise systems, ensuring interoperability and enhancing the overall technology ecosystem.

  • Infrastructure and Cloud Services: Design and deployment of scalable and secure cloud infrastructure solutions utilizing Azure and AWS, enabling agile development environments and efficient resource management.

  • Security, Compliance, and Identity: Implementing advanced security and compliance strategies across platforms like Adobe and Microsoft to safeguard digital assets and ensure data protection.

  • Data Analytics and AI: Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver actionable insights and drive innovation, turning data into a strategic asset for predictive analytics and automated decision-making.

Future-Ready Strategies

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, staying ahead means being able to anticipate and adapt to change. Our consulting services are designed to not only address today’s challenges but to also lay the groundwork for future opportunities, ensuring your business remains competitive and forward-looking.

We believe in working closely with our clients, fostering a partnership built on trust, transparency, and collaboration. This approach allows us to fully understand your vision and goals, and tailor our services to align with your path to success.

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Our Unique Implementation Approach

Elevate Digital Consulting Services tailors our expertise to your unique path, combining the right mix of talent and technology for peak performance. Our partnership approach integrates seamlessly with your team, fostering collaboration and adaptability at every step.

We focus on preparing your organization for change, ensuring readiness across every function to achieve your goals. With our commitment to flexibility and support, we offer varied engagement models to suit your journey's needs, from inception to beyond the summit. Let's ascend together, embracing innovation and strategy as our guides.

Streamlined Managed Services

Elevate Digital offers tailored managed services designed to enhance your digital operations across e-commerce platforms, web environments, and cloud infrastructure. Our comprehensive support, from proactive solution maintenance to dynamic help desk services, ensures your digital assets perform optimally, driving sustained success in a cost-effective manner.

Adapting to the nuances of today’s hybrid work model, we provide around-the-clock assistance, crucial for seamless business continuity. Partnering with us means accessing specialized expertise as a certified Microsoft collaborator, elevating your e-commerce experiences and cloud infrastructure strategies. Choose Elevate Digital for a partnership that scales with your ambitions, optimizing your tech investments for peak digital performance.

Experience the Next Level of Digital Commerce

Industry Proficiency & Platform Experience

Our robust experience across an array of industries including Retail, Healthcare and Logistics is fostered by a proven track record, embodying a deep understanding of market dynamics. Engagements with market leaders like Lowes, Primo Water, United Healthcare, and Sabre mirror our adeptness at crafting people-centric strategies for diverse market challenges.

Integrated Digital Capabilities

Our holistic suite of digital solutions encompasses customer experience enhancement, workplace transformation, and the fine-tuning of operational technologies. With a specialized focus on enterprise data integrations, we provide a seamless fusion of crucial business data into your digital strategies.

Transparent Engagements

Transparency is far more than a catchphrase at Elevate Digital. It's the essence of our engagements, embodied through clear communication and trust in every interaction. We firmly believe that this transparency elevates a good partnership to a great one. Experience the distinctive value it brings to our collaboration.

Our Clients

Many of the world’s best consulting companies trust Elevate Digital to service their clients with staffing and resourcing solutions.

Looking for work?

Whether you require full-time employees, specialized contractors, or complete project teams, our strategy is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Discover how our Talent Solutions can link you with the expertise necessary to propel your projects forward.

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Our team at Elevate Digital is here to turn your ideas into impactful realities. Whether you’re looking to enhance your customer experience, streamline your workplace processes, or secure and innovate your digital foundation, we’re the partner you need for a successful digital transformation journey. Connect with us to explore how our consulting expertise can bring your project to life and drive your business forward.