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We believe in a people-first approach, not an Elevate Digital-first approach. We've developed a model that allows us to partner with the best talent in these markets and create flexible engagement models from full-time employment to contract subject matter experts to full project teams.

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Elevate's Process

To gain a competitive advantage, companies need to have access to the right technical talent that prioritizes your business goals and aligns a team to support them. Elevate Digital fills the space between in-house talent and a traditional consultancy enabling clients to rise to the top of their market through the power of people .

Elastic Bench

Elevate Digital’s Elastic Bench is an innovative approach to workforce management that leverages our expertise in recruitment and solution delivery to deliver people-centric results to meet your company’s needs. From permanent placement to dedicated delivery teams, the Elastic Bench was developed in response to client demand for a flexible alternative to traditional staffing solutions. Whether you need a resource or team of resources for a short- or long-term engagement, Elevate Digital has options for you.

In a world where everyone is competing for digital resources, it is paramount that we lead with people first and cater their work week. Many of our employees would like to work extra hours in the evenings or weekends. Many clients will benefit from adding an additional developer in the evening to finish a sprint, or a content writer to help with a campaign. Even 10-20 non-business hours a week could be the difference for your organization to meet deadlines, meet budgets or help with the launch of a new product or service.

Elastic Bench

Types of Candidates


What an incredible way for both parties to have a real interview with each other. It is so hard to define “a good IT resource” and the only real way to do so is start a project and find out.


Onboarding new employees can be very expensive. Contracting allows organizations to add certain skill sets without taking the risk of a bad hire or the risk of having an employee on the bench with nothing to do. Contractors are a great resource, and many top candidates are moving to this model.


Most organizations lack the ability to properly hire technical resources. Elevate Digital will help you navigate the approach to secure top candidates through an interview process that caters to the current market. For example, in today’s market, organizations need to move quickly and try to finish their interview process in a day or they could lose to another offer.


This question will never change but it really depends on how your organization is set up. Can you properly manage offshore resources? Do you have the budget for onshore resources? How important is having resources in the same time zone? There are pro’s and con’s to each and Elevate Digital will help you navigate the right direction.

Available Talent

Over the last six years, Elevate Digital sourced and built a robust talent database. This is not a purchased list of candidates, but talent approved by us, giving you access to potential employees no one else has.

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Dedicated Resourcing

Client Testimonials

We’ve been thrilled with the contributions and collaboration (tangible and intangible). BRINK has been looking for a partner that can help fulfill (the) needs of our growing team, so it feels great to have so much early success with Elevate.

Managing Director, BRINK Interactive

Thank you for your assistance in filling up the Data Analytics lead role. (Elevate Digital’s) expertise in sourcing the right candidates is appreciated.

Vice President of Data Analytics

Even though we haven’t worked together for long, (Elevate Digital was) able to understand our needs and identify candidates that had the necessary technical background, soft skills, and experience.

Director, Global Specialty Materials Company

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