Content & Commerce

01. Services


Delivering a comprehensive customer experience solutions across a variety of commerce and content management platforms. With an emphasis on a platform-agnostic approach, prioritizing the delivery of tailored customer experiences and robust commerce solutions. Here’s an overview of their service offerings:

Insights & Strategy

Comprehensive commerce strategy development, focusing on market analysis, customer behavior, and digital transformation planning.

–  Digital Commerce Strategy
–  Research & Data
–  Branding & Positioning
–  Business Consulting
–  Go To Market
–  Platform Assessment
–  Content Strategy & Governance
–  Technical Roadmaps

Content & Commerce

End-to-end implementation services, from platform selection and customization to integration and launch.

–  Enterprise Commerce
–  Interactive Media
–  Analytics, SEO & Copywriting
–  Custom Solution Development
–  Composable Commerce
–  PWA Storefronts
–  API Gateway
–  Adobe Commerce

Experience Design

Design services focused on creating engaging, intuitive, and visually appealing customer experiences across digital touchpoints.

–  User Research & Testing
–  UI/UX Design, Creative Design
–  Information Architecture
–  Editorial Design
–  Mobile Responsiveness
–  Prototyping
–  Branding Integration
 Accessibility Compliance
 User Flows

Managed services

Ongoing support and optimization of commerce platforms to ensure performance, security, and scalability.

–  Custom Agile Development
–  Content Sourcing
–  Content Workflow Management
–  Integration & Dynamic Delivery
–  Performance Monitoring
–  Vulnerability Assessments
–  Security Patch Updates
–  Support & Training

02. How we do it

Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing digital experiences.

We’ve launched hundreds of unique visual systems and strategies to achieve the best results in the digital world. 

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Our Clients

Many of the world’s best consulting companies trust Elevate Digital to service their clients with staffing and resourcing solutions.

Platform Expertise:

Specialized services across leading commerce platforms.

Looking for work?

Whether you require full-time employees, specialized contractors, or complete project teams, our strategy is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Discover how our Talent Solutions can link you with the expertise necessary to propel your projects forward.

Ready to elevate your business?

Our team at Elevate Digital is here to turn your ideas into impactful realities. Whether you’re looking to enhance your customer experience, streamline your workplace processes, or secure and innovate your digital foundation, we’re the partner you need for a successful digital transformation journey. Connect with us to explore how our consulting expertise can bring your project to life and drive your business forward.